The first-of- its-kind App, SkinCoach advanced technology takes a picture of your face, scans and analyses the skin in depth to give you valuable insight into your skin needs.
SkinCoach will tell you your skin’s specific priority by precisely measuring in real-time, a range of essential indicators from mild to severe, including dryness, dehydration, redness and lines. Providing you with a personalised diagnosis and skin recovery plan to restore a natural balance.
· Provides a deep learning-based biometric analysis system using a simple photo of the face.
· Measures in real-time skin dehydration, sensitivity/redness, dryness/roughness and lines/wrinkles.
· Discover the age of your skin as well as the UV index and air quality in your location.
· Measurement technique tested on over 100,000 Scandinavian women.
· Delivers a reliable and documented diagnosis thanks to a web-based skin diagnosis algorithm.
· Track your progress and monitor skin improvements by following your personalised skin prescription.
· Access your ‘Future Face’, proprietary biometric system foreseeing face evolutions with and without the implementation of the prescription.
· Receive a free True North sample with your first SkinCoach diagnosis.
Created by Danish research specialist Dr Jan R. Behrens, founder of TRUE NORTH COSMETICS. True North, skincare range is inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, powered by science, with a focus on non-aggressive answers to skin concerns. Jan has used his experience and knowledge to create scientific skin diagnosis for balance, immediate soothing and visibly de- stressed skin to reveal radiant youthful beauty.
Use SkinCoach as part of your everyday skincare routine.