About Us:

Please Note: My OBOPAY is a B2B2C app. Which means, it can be only be used by an employee if thier organization is registered with OBOPAY.Please write to us if you want your organization to provide you with an employee benefit OBOPAY card at

OBOPAY card is a powerful and flexible prepaid card. It is a versatile card having multi-pocket digital accounts for purchase of all kinds of goods and services.

– Block-Unblock Facility

– Set your own limit!

– Card to Card Transfer

– No Bank Account Needed

– Lite Account

– Money in the right pocket

– Mastercard Offers on OBOPAY Card

– Supplementary Card

– Highly Secure

– ATM Withdrawals

Block-Unblock Facility

Block the lost OBOPAY instantly. No calling customer care centre & going through the annoying hoops of IVR steps. Unblock the card if you find it; block it permanently if you don’t. A high flexibility hassle-free feature.

Set your own limit!

OBOPAY gives your employees the ease of setting their own spending limits. No need to call or message, just a couple of clicks on OBOPAY App would do the trick.

Card to Card Transfer

OBOPAY Card permits P2P transfer & with such ease, convenience & speed. And all this is at no cost!

No Bank Account Needed

OBOPAY opens a digital account for your employees; paperless, quicker and smarter.

Lite Account

No minimum balance. OBOPAY does not charge any non-maintenance fee for its digital account.

Money in the right pocket?

OBOPAY provides Multiple pockets in its Digital Account facility. Be it food, petrol, mobile or any bonus, your employee can have any number of pockets, each for a specific purpose, under one powerful card. Bye-bye to Multiple cards and vouchers!

Mastercard Offers on OBOPAY Card

Now Shop around and travel across India with OBOPAY card and enjoy Mastercard Domestic Offers. OBOPAY card can be used at over 3.5 million Mastercard outlets across India.

Supplementary Card

Let your employees give financial freedom and convenience to their parents, kids & helping hands by gifting them an OBOPAY supplementary card. At a discount!

Highly Secure

Use OBOPAY card for any online or offline transaction without compromising on your privacy and security.

ATM Withdrawals

Withdraw cash at ATMs anytime and anywhere across India.