My MultiSport – Benefit Systems International Sp. z o.o.

Easy, fast and reliable with the application from MultiSport.
My MultiSport is a free application from MultiSport for MultiSporters. It allows you to search
for sports and relaxation facilities you can visit with the MultiSport card.
Why should you use My MultiSport?
– No fees: The application allows you to search for facilities in all MultiSport partner
countries completely free of charge.
– Activities according to your taste: You will find in the application a wide portfolio of
partners that will suit anyone.
– Facility detail: Wherever you are, you can see what awaits you in the facility and what
activity you can look forward to.
– Your current location: Wherever you are, the app will always find where you are currently.
– Filters for your convenience: The application offers a large number of different filters for a
quick search to help you get to the facility or activity you desire, even in your area.
And that’s not all: Thanks to the navigate button, you can always easily get to the facility
without having to rewrite the address to another application or wander around somewhere.
We are always delighted when we hear from you. If you have any ideas, questions or
comments, send them to us at
Download the app today!