My Hero Quirk Quiz – Daniele Galeazzi

How many heroes, villains and quirks of the academia you know? Plus ultra!

My Hero Quirk Quiz game offers all of heroes and villains of the academia anime that we all love!

You can find images of heroes academia and questions about heroes academia.

This quiz game offers four different amazing game modes!

– First quiz game mode: guess all pixeled academia heroes
– Second quiz game mode: scracth images to reveal heroes and villains of the academia
– Third quiz game mode: aim and shoot on the right square to show part of the academia heroes like in a puzzle game
. Fourth quiz game mode: prove that you know all about this anime and its academia heroes. You can find questions about: heroes, villains, quirk, teachers, superpower and everything about this anime world!

If you need some help, tap the hint on top side to get help for guessing all academia heroes.

Enjoy the game and…plus ultra!

This game is free and for fun purposes only. It does not intend to harm anyone or any brand connected to it.
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