My Fit Gym Workout Diary – Saad Hameed Khan

The fat boy has been gaining a lot of weight recently and he is worried because he needs some extreme weight loss!! He is extremely overweight that whatever he does he still seems to be overweight!! Help him run the treadmill to in exercise games to make him lose some extra weight!
Such workout gym games are the best way to help in health and fitness motivation if you wish to shred some pounds, lose some weight and gain some perfects abs!! This fitness studio gymnasium has all the kinds of workout equipment to offer for a health and fitness physical gym workout!!!

People are very conscious towards their health and fitness so it is important to stay fit at all times!! These workout gym games provides with a lot of physical exercise which are perfect to fit the fat, fat boy by providing him a personal gym trainer and fitness trainer!!!
In this fitness studio weight loss gym there are multiple fitness episodes where the fat boy bodybuilder will perform daily and weekly weight loss exercises at the gym under the supervision of his gym trainer who is also a fitness trainer at the fitness studio!! This will not only help him build some muscle but also some very perfectly defined abs!!!

While following a gym workout, taking regard of health and fitness like running on the treadmill watch you fat boy make an amazing weight loss revolution as he goes through a training period at the health and fitness, fitness studio under the supervision of his fitness trainer and gym trainer!!!

Lastly, your fat boy trainee will be so perfectly fit after receiving the fitness training that he will be all set to go on his first gymnastic competition!!! Just thinking about a timely transformation to achieve the fitness goal through workout gym games is so exciting!!
This game acts as a daily a person gym trainer for you and a reminder for health and fitness each day which you should follow in real life too!! Download now and learn on more about how to play the virtual gym fit the fat fitness game!!!

****How to Play Virtual Gym Fit the Fat Fitness Game****
• There are multiple levels to choose from, automatically begin game with first level.
• The first level is the beginner training level, so perform everyday basic beginner level training.
• Your gym trainer will guide you with the tasks, so use your on screen controls to perform the given workout tasks!!
• First 9 gym games levels are fitness training levels with intensive increase in training each level!!!
• The game has mini games to amount for extra points for the last level.
• The mini games are target based challenges.
• Last is the 10th level where your transitioned weight loss fat boy will enter a gym competition to show the fruit of his transition.
• Make him win all gym task competition to lead the game!!

**** Features of Virtual Gym Fit the Fat Fitness game****
• Multiple levels
• Training and competition simulation
• Gym environment
• Amazing weight loss transition
• Fun mini games
• Exciting features and clear graphics