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**Health, Fitness and Workout app – Only members with an invitation from their gym can use this mobile app**

The MultiFit Salford app cuts the distance between gym-goers and PT’s in order to keep the communication channel open.

We bet you it’s been a while since you felt so very truly inspired and motivated to reach your fitness goals…

BORED WITH YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE? Request a new workout plan! As an exerciser, you can create workouts and log training sessions that will automatically notify your trainer.

WANT TO WORKOUT AT HOME? Search for workouts that can be performed at Home and that suit your personal goals and training style.

WANT FEEDBACK FROM YOUR PT? You got it! Simply leave a comment for your trainer after you complete a workout.

FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR FITNESS PROGRESS? Brag about your fitness achievements by sharing your results online.

STILL READING? Well, why don’t you give MultiFit Salford a try today!

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Please note, only members with an invitation from their gym can use this app! If you’re curious about MultiFit Salford.