Move Downwards – Igor Siryakov

——————One of the most addictive physics game you might have come across, I swear——————

“Move Downwards” is our latest new release filled with complete exciting modes and stages that would keep you engaged overall. What you need to do is to use the touch controls to move the dot falling down towards left/right. You can also use the downwards control to let the dot fall down speedily. At some point you also need to jump over the spikes and yellow teeth/spikes.

The game controls are super-designed in a way to keep the gameplay fluidic and smooth than ever. The touch is super-responsive. The game center integration would help you to keep the track of your friends. The gameplay is too simple but really entertaining one.

How to play :

• Use left/right/down controls to fall down accordingly
• Avoid the yellow teeth/spikes and keep going down as far as you can