Morse – Vibration Messenger – Max Mendelson

#Simple tap-to-buzz communication app!#

Morse Vibration Messenger is a utility app that allows you to communicate with friends through taps and vibrations.

Send hidden messages to your friends just by tapping your screen!

Morse code/CW hobbyists and enthusiasts can use Morse Vibration Messenger to have live authentic morse code experiences! Morse Vibration Messenger is a telegraph emulating app!

It’s alright if you don’t know morse code! Morse Vibration Messenger is a simple and easy to use tap-to-vibrate communication app that does not restrict you to using just morse code.

Great for magic tricks involving hidden communication. You and your friends can keep your phones in your pockets while tapping in a chatroom to each other!

Shock friends and family with mind reading magic!

To use, just join a MorseChat room to tap to multiple friends at the same time

No current limit on chatroom size!

Communicate silently and privately with other app users. Simply join a chatroom and begin tapping!

Receive some good vibrations from your friends!