Moon Scooters – Moon Scooters

Moon gives the freedom to move around city flawless with unforgettable experience. With access to hundreds of scooters in the city — Moon — supports commuters and travellers to their destination. Whether you are commuting to work, university, business meeting or simply want a better safer environment to move around the city – Moon is the solution. Designed for a safer way to travel during the pandemic. Designed to reduce the CO2 emission, pollution and traffic. Here at Moon we always have your back. Be free. Be you. Moon to the moon.

How it works Download the Moon App, register just under a minute with Apple or Google Pay, and get ready for your comic experience!

– Create account
– Find and scan scooters QR code
– Ride safely
– Park with care
– Use bicycle lanes where possible, do not ride on the pavement
– Enjoy!

Ride responsibly – Avoid sidewalks , pavements
– Wear a helmet
– Park clear of walkways
– Visit for tutorials