Minimalistic Daily Diary – Carl Henningsson

I love to work and have lots on my plate because I believe that what my work truly benefits a lot of people all around the world. I’m trying to live my life in a minimalistic way to keep my mind on what I believe truly matters but sometimes it becomes too much anyway. One indicator that I’m starting to get overwhelmed is that my memory begins to fail me.

And instead of just waiting for it to become better I decided to create Minimalistic Daily Dairy so I can write down my thoughts of the day. This journal app has a simple, beautiful and minimalistic design which is a benefit for the eyes and mind. The app becomes very easy and intuitive in how you should use it.

Each day you can create one ‘note’ where you either can write or tell (thanks to Appel’s amazing speech recognition) your thoughts and save them for another day.

The main screen of the app displays your ‘notes’ with a preview of the content and the date when you created it.

Each ‘note’ can be edited and each edit will be marked with a timestamp to make it easier and when you go back in time to look the ‘notes’ over.

As the app name indicated the app has a minimalistic design and functionality. The point of Minimalistic Daily Diary is that it should do one thing and do that thing really well. I would love to hear your thoughts about it so we can together make it even better. You can send any feedback you want inside the app’s settings.

I hope that you appreciate Minimalistic Daily Diary and that you’ll experience the same benefit as I!