Mimecast Security Agent – Mimecast Ltd

**Important Information***

The Mimecast Security Agent (MSA) is for corporate use and only works with the Mimecast Web Security service which is licensed separately. The iOS device it is deployed or downloaded to must be in Supervised mode.


Mimecast Web Security is designed to protect your organization’s employees against malicious and inappropriate websites based on configurable policies and Mimecast’s threat intelligence capabilities. Protecting at the DNS level, and using an intelligent proxy to analyze suspicious sites, Mimecast Web Security is fast to setup and simple to manage.

The Mimecast Security Agent (MSA) for iOS ensures that web access from iOS devices is always protected, whether used in the office, at home or from just about anywhere in the world. Users can check the agent status to know whether they’re protected and see recent blocked activities. They will also see a device notification if using an app that connects to a domain that is blocked by corporate policy or if it is harmful.

EMM Support

This app must be deployed via an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that supports the AppConfig standard, giving the administrator the ability to enforce corporate security policies. The iOS device that the agent is deployed to must be in Supervised mode. Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) and Apple Configurator 2 are supported.

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