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Inspired by the popular TV show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, Millionaire 2018 lets you experience the thrilling excitement of fighting for the grand prize of one million through 15 challenging trivia puzzles.

Test your general knowledge with history, geography, science, pop culture, sports, fun facts, word puzzles and more with this free fun quiz.

Feel the suspense of being in the hot seat of a famous TV show and race to the top through increasingly difficult questions to become a virtual millionaire.

Our free trivia quiz lets you stretch your mind and challenge others to beat your high score! Play trivia against your friends to see who knows more about the world or challenge yourself and become a quiz master with the most popular game of its kind.

This fun trivia allows people of all ages to test their wits about some of their favorite subjects!

Enjoy this challenging game while learning new fascinating facts!

Millionaire Game Free features:
– Over 5000 questions
– Hundreds of categories
– Original visual and sound effects
– 45 seconds for each question

Supported language:
– Abaric /عربى
– English
– French / Français
– Russian / Pусский
– German / Deutsch
– Spanish / Español
– Italian / Italiano
– Vietnamese / Việt Nam

So challenge yourself with trivia questions from a vast number of topics and become a quiz master and a virtual millionaire!
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