Mii-monitor – Daniel Silva

The new Mii-monitor app for Miimo HRM40 Live now allows you to keep in touch with Miimo from anywhere in the world. Whether you are at home, on holiday or at the office you can always keep in touch with Miimo. Remote connectivity and intelligent features make mowing your lawn easier than ever.

With the Mii-monitor app, you can start, pause or send Miimo to the docking station, set up manual or smart cutting schedules and adjust settings on your mower remotely. With our brand new “Smart Timer” feature, you can even set-up an automatic mowing schedule that considers when it is forecasted to rain, or how fast your grass is growing. Miimo will autonomously adapt the cutting schedule accordingly.

This gives you total freedom to manage your lawn however you wish.

This is now available for Miimo HRM40 Live. For Miimo HRM3000, please download the Mii-monitor 3000 app.