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Metronome 999 is free to download and use. 500+ sounds in 14 sound categories are offered for free. In the “Metronome 999 Pro” sound library with 999+ sounds, nearly 200 sounds are also offered as pre-made paired sounds in “Simple Mix” and “Double Mix” categories, like a sound pair of Guiro and Hi-Hats, a sound pair of Tambourine and Snare Drum, or different birds sound pairs.

Metronome 999 can be used as a typical metronome (with traditional and short metronome sounds), as an unusual metronome (with other short to long sounds), and as a rhythmic accompanist for musicians and music learners. Also, it can be used as a sonic time-keeper and counter for meditative, athletic, and other purposes like medical research.

Upgrading to Metronome 999 Pro (All Access) has these benefits:
– Removes Ads
– Unlocks all sound categories (The total is 23 sound categories: 14 free and 9 paid)
– Ability to save your “Quick-Access Sounds” library when you next use the app
– Activates the “search” ability in the app’s sound library
– The metronome will continue to work in the background

Key features:
– 999+ Metronome Sounds and Sound Pairs: Metronome 999 Pro offers 999+ sounds and sound pairs to be used as metronome beat sounds. 999+ sounds are offered in 23 categories: Animals, Bells & Rings, Car Horns, HandClaps & FingerSnaps, Digital Sounds and Beeps, Drums & Percussions, Other Musical Instruments, Effects, Foot Steps, Heart Beats, Humans, Kicks, Nature, Objects & Actions, Sports, Ticks & Clicks, Whistles, SingleMix Sound Pairs, SingleMix (Pro) Sound Pairs, DoubleMix Sound Pairs, DoubleMix (Pro) Sound Pairs, Chord pairs for Piano, and Arpeggio pairs for Harp. 14 categories are free for all users and 9 more are offered to paid users (in Metronome 999 Pro).
– Customized Quick-Access Sounds List: By offering a “Quick-Access Sounds” list, you can change the metronome sound quickly with just one tap right on the app’s main screen. By choosing up to 50 (free version) or 200 (paid version) sounds, you may create your own “Quick-Access Sounds” list and reorder it to be shown on the app’s main screen for immediate access.
– Tempo Jump: Tempo Jump works with the Tempo bar and defines the amount of increase or decrease when changing the Tempo. You may change the current tempo according to the general list, including -+1, -+2, -+3, -+4, -+5, -+6, -+7, -+8, -+9, -+10, -+20, or use the “Mechanical Mode” which changes the tempo numbers according to a mechanical metronome’s numbers: 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, …, 176, 184, 192, 200, 208.
– Beats Grouping: The “Beats Grouping” works like the top number in a time signature or like subdivisions. This feature in Metronome 999 plays the beats as groups of 1, 2, 3, 4, …., 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 sounds in which beat-1 is stressed or is different to indicate a down beat.
– Save your customized “Quick-Access Sounds” List: In the paid version of the app, “Quick-Access Sounds” list will be saved when you leave the app. In the free version of the app, you can watch a complete Rewarded-Video-Ad to save your custom changes to your Quick-Access Sounds list.

Metronomes create a layer of music and therefore, change the sonic space that user is in. By using various and non-traditional metronome sounds in Metronome 999, like sounds from nature, birds, human voices, sound effects, and sounds of instruments from different cultures around the world, Metronome 999 aims to break free from the traditional sonic space that typical metronome sounds inhabit to include new and non-traditional sonic spaces.

Please read the Metronome 999 Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully before installing and using the Metronome 999 app.

Try Metronome 999 and experience new soundscapes during your practice by using new and fun metronome 999 sounds and sound pairs.

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