metro.drone – Sergei Volkov

metro.drone is what you get when you combine a metronome and drone into one tool. metro.drone has three different modes– metronome mode which works like a conventional metronome, drone mode which works like a conventional drone, and metro.drone mode. metro.drone mode puts the pitch of the drone to the beat of the metronome, and hence the true power of metro.drone is unleashed.

– metronome+drone combination (metro.drone!)
– unpitched metronome
– continuous drone
– sawtooth drone sound is overtone-rich, makes tuning easier
– can produce any frequency in the audible human range
– support for microtones and tunings other than A=440 (A=432, anyone?)
– wide range of bpms: 20 to 500
– tempo tap input (metro.drone will figure out which bpm you are tapping)
– touch-oriented, elegant, and intuitive interface
– fast launch time

This app uses the following libraries/frameworks/fonts:
– BELLE, by Comrade SparklePony (MIT license)
– SUIT, by Matthias Richter (zlib license)
– cron, by Enrique García Cota (MIT license)
– denver, by Nicolas Alleman (MIT license)
– flux, by rxi (MIT license)
– stateswitcher, by Daniel Duris (CC-BY 4.0 license)
– LÖVE, by LÖVE Development Team (zlib license)
– Ubuntu, by Canonical (Ubuntu Font license)