Met My Friend – John Monroe Wilson

We have so many friends, we met so many people in our daily life, we know so many people.

But do we know when we met out friend for the first time, do we have to the track of when we met our friend last time or since how many days we met our friend.

We don’t even keep track of how many types of our friend like closed friend, best friend etc. This app is for you which will help you to keep track and remind you to meet your friend. You can also check since how many days you haven’t met your friend or since a week or month or any days you have’t met your number of friend.

You can also click and just send a message to your friend to set a meeting.

So this is your friend tracking or friend’s meeting tracking app. Which will help you to make better relation with your friend by giving you the idea of since how many days you haven’t met your friend.

So go download, install and start improving your relation with all friends.