Merge Motorcycles – Victor Velez

Download now Merge Motorcycles – Smash Insects !!!

The latest version of “Merge Motos” – “Smash Insects” is available totally free. Two games in one. Take the opportunity !!!

PURPOSE OF THE GAME: Combine motorcycles to unlock new motorcycles and run the motorcycles to earn money to buy new motorcycles. Discover, Unlock, Collect, Run, Sprint, Combine, and Merge. Above all, the “Merge” doesn’t stop.

APPLY IMPROVEMENTS: You can buy equipment with the wheels with which to get improvements for motorcycles: increase speed, increase income and increase discounts. There are nine levels available for each type of upgrade. Buy them all ASAP !

RUNNING: With the option of turbo and sprint you can increase the temporary speed of motorcycles and thus get coins earlier. The motorcycle race can be eternal !
They are tireless vehicles. Its wheels are the best tool against asphalt.

NO MISSING GOLD: With golden screws and videos you will be able to get superior motorcycles, although in the end you will be able to get all with coins. The game is free. There are only a few ads and fully optional payout screws to help make the game profitable.

KILL INSECTS: Also kill insects to get rewards. You will see swarms of mosquitoes, bees, and wasps. If you finish them all on time, the “queen” or “boss” will appear. If you succeed you will get rewards !

LEVEL UP: There is a level counter represented by blue stars. Every time you level up you will receive screws. You’ll also unlock new features as you level up and increase your star counter.

– 40 motorcycles
– 3 improvements (9 levels each)
– 3 insects

Casual, solitary, relaxed game, but at the same time fast and entertaining.

Will you be able to get them all ?! Give him an oportunity !!!
Welcome to “Merging” 🙂


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At the moment we do not have facebook, instagram, twitter or youtube channel.
Neither lines of clothing that can be bought in zara, c & a or amazon.
Fast food like McDonald’s or Burger King obviously doesn’t either.
Who knows if someday a podcast on ivoox or spotify.

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Merger Moto Bike

These bikes do not appear in “MOTOGP” and you are not the champion reaching the finish line first. Even so, you will see sports motorcycles, motocross motorcycles, Harley motorcycles, mopeds, scooter motorcycles, megascooter or maxiscooter, enduro, supermotard, trial, trail and naked, cruiser, chopper, streetfighter, super sports motorcycles, sport touring motorcycles and large motorcycles. tourism (not that of playstation XD). Some of them are actually a bike and there are electric ones too. Others are experiments and inventions. “STAR WARS” in the future as well as others of the “BLADE RUNNER” or “GHOST In The SHELL” style. Jet skis are not covered as it is an asphalt and not a water track.

What you will surely not find are cars 😀
No, rally or formula 1 either !!

Ending, in terms of insects there are mosquitoes, bees and wasps. Yes, the snot look green .. the bees we have drawn the brown and orange and the wasps are obviously black and yellow.
Flies have been missing from classic and famous flying bugs. Maybe in an update !
And in case you were wondering .. Yes !! I mean, no .. not an annoying flying insect annihilation simulation game. Love to the animals.

A hug and three kisses !!!