Merge Fun – Bullet Game

In the magic wonderland. There are a group of cute elves who were cursed and fell in sleep. They are waiting for a brave warrior to rescue them. By merging, collecting and combining, you can bring the wonderland back to life.

Once upon a time, there were some elves who were living happily on a beatiful wonderland. They protect the land and cultivate plants on it. Then came a witch who was jealous of those elves. She cursed this land, which led to desolation and darkness.

The only way to rescue elves and revitalize the wonderland is to merge magic power little by little. By completing every order,you can get coins and experience needed to unlock cursed land and bring rebirth to elves.

Merge 3 to create a new one.
Endless amazing cool levels are waiting for
Unlock land blocks and elves
Collect hundreds of fantastic objects.

What you will get:
Magical objects by merging and combining
Bonus and daily reward
Special gifts from time to time
Elves of different stages

Merge Fun is a game you can get relaxed and let go your imagination. When customize your own land and raise elves from infancy, you will feel a sense of achievement. Every order is reachable and every time you finish an order, you get one step closer to rescue the wonderland.

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