MenteeMe – MenteeMe

MenteeMe fosters learning and development by connecting mentees and mentors in the digital industry.

MenteeMe’s user-friendly app uses a unique matching algorithm to recommend potential mentoring connections. Bespoke content will ensure you maximise your mentoring experience.

MenteeMe combines the ease of a free to access app with the functionality of a powerful mentoring tool that will give users access to a community of like-minded individuals who are focused on skill growth, professional advancement and self-improvement.

Get Started
Each user must create a profile and can chooses whether they want to join MenteeMe as a mentor, mentee or both. Prospective mentors need to have at least five years experience.

A proprietary algorithm intelligently matches skills, interests and experience entered by you to create recommended matches. If you are a mentee, simply select the mentors you want to connect with.

Each mentor can choose whether or not to accept a mentoring request from a mentee. MenteeMe then guides the mentoring relationship with messaging to facilitate a face-to-face meeting, structured pre-mentoring guidance, and mentoring resources like session plans, structured workshops, advice for mentors and timelines.


MenteeMe is completely free to download and use. It is important you read the information we send to you about what to expect from your mentoring relationships. Please be respectful to other uses and remember that MenteeMe is about professional fulfilment.