Mendoj Tangram – Aitor Parras Carbo

Mendoj Relaxing Jigsaw Puzle is inspired by classical jigsaw and tangram’s games with the most relaxing music and sounds.

Just turn on the volume, feel the quiet and paceful music and have a nice time.

5 Mendoj sizes: from 4 (beginners) to 20 cuts (expert)

Random cuts make each puzzle as a unique one. You can solve the same puzzle with thousand possibilities.

Nature sounds and calming armonies to make you feel relaxed, happy and in peace.
All the photos are paceful and inspires happiness. More of them, such a landscapes are selected to brings you there and feel the calm without anxiety or worries.

Short rounds. You can play when you want or when you need. Perfect to travels on the line, waiting at the airport or before sleep.

To make it more unusual and unique, you can only choose the category. Photo is a real mystery, only showed when you solve the puzzle.

Collect coins, unlock more jigsaw puzzles and rise up the level.

Be the first of your friends and family to play Mendoj Relaxing Jigsaw Puzzle’s games.

Relax and enjoy it!