Meme Cleaner – Dotsquares Ltd

Want to get rid of memes and junk photos? This app is for you!
You can free up storage and clean up the junk images from your phone.
Meme Cleaner is designed to speed up the process of cleaning unnecessary images circulated on various messenger apps.
Do you often check all your images and clear them yourself by deleting the memes yourself?
We know it can be a tedious and time consuming process but with the Meme Cleaner app you can delete all memes at the touch of a button.
To clear up space, you can manually select All or specific images for deletion and bulk delete photos.
The app automatically detects the unwanted memes. You can still decide what you want to keep and what you can scrap.
This app is different from others apps as it is focused mainly for the memes and captured screenshots that increase the device storage.
Running out of space and do not have the time? Try this app!
That is not all, the app can detect memes in different languages such as English, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu etc
Happy meme cleaning!