Mello: Pay Socially – Mello, Inc.

Your budgeting app says you’re over for Alcohol & Bars this month — but your friends paid you back for that night out.

Your friend paid for everything on vacation and requested $208 from you — is that the right number?

You’re at a birthday dinner for eight. How in the world are we going to split the bill fairly?

It’s 2019. Why is it so hard to know how much you’re actually spending? Do you ask your friend how she got to that number? Someone’s going to forget to pay for tip…

With Mello, understand your total spending — including what you paid friends for and what friends paid you back for. View all relevant card transactions, including ones you’ve been added to. Use the built-in tip calculator to make the pain of large group restaurant bills a thing of the past.

Link your own debit or credit card and:

* Split transactions with friends
* View all relevant transactions — including ones friends have added you to
* Understand your net spending over time and across categories