Megalopolis – Toy Overlord Inc

Megalopolis is a first of it’s kind, bleeding edge mobile platform for toy collectors everywhere! No longer do collectors have to spend hours clicking between a myriad of different sites for their news, reviews, and purchasing!

Megalopolis allows collectors to customize their platform based on interest, and receive real time updates on all the happenings of their favorite toy and collectibles lines, with the ability to order new arrivals and pre-order upcoming releases all in one place!

Megalopolis also features exclusive content and reviews by notable industry personalities such as Shartimus Prime, stop motion action figure scenes by DG Animations, the adventures of our own Toy Overlord in comic form, and infinitely more!

Whether you love Marvel or DC, Star Wars or Star Trek, Action figures or statues, Import toys or domestic toys, Megalopolis has it ALL!

Join the Collector Revolution. Get it here. Get it first. Get rewarded.