MedsToGo – Registered Model (Pty) LTD

MedsToGo is a web and mobile-based pharmacy ordering and delivery service.
We understand getting your medication and other health and pharmacy products without the hassle and inconvenience just makes sense.

We know that you can’t miss important prescription medication, that when your kids get sick they don’t always need a doctor’s visit (and that it is usually when getting to a pharmacy is not most convenient).
We also know that when it comes to your health and wellness regimen, whether you’re a sportsperson or simply swear by vitamins, supplements and other healthcare products to keep your mind and body in balance, you want to make sure you have what you need when you need it.

Which is why we built MedsToGo. Quite simply it takes the hassle, inconvenience and effort out of getting all your medication and pharmacy essentials. Simply download the app and order what you need (and schedule prescription medication deliveries). We bring it straight to your door.