Mediatrix – Rohan Mittal

Mediatrix is an initiative by Developers at IETE VIT to provide the community with an application that will be able to help them to perform actions on their media files like extracting text from an image, video, and audio, then applying Filters to Image, Scanning and Generating QR Codes quickly and accurately.

Are you a person who attends a lot of presentations, interviews, webinars, etc., where it is almost impossible to note down all the information, so now instead, just capture a photo, video, or audio and extract the text. (OR) In case you need to note down a phone number or some details from a placard or a poster on the go, just scan the image, and you are good to go. Then this extracted Text can then be shared, copied, read aloud, and change grammatical mistakes by using the various options provided.

Wanna flaunt some amazing pictures on Social Media? Mediatrix has you covered with various Image Filters to beautify your pictures and apply a colorful Gradient of your choice.

And, last but not the least, find the perfect QR Scanner whenever required. And also, be able to generate one for yourselves by just one click.

With its simple to use design and functionality, it is assured to provide you with great user experience and satisfaction.

Mediatrix is available on App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Mediatrix Team is reachable at or can be contacted via the Contact Us page.

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