MealDiary – Food Tracker – SEUNG YEOP YEOM

[Easy to write]

∙ You can select breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. by pressing a button.
∙ Choose how much you ate lightly, moderately, and full.
∙ You can freely write the title and content.
∙ Take a photo from an album or take it, or choose an emoji if you don’t have one at all.

[Check in timeline]

∙ You can browse the diary in the order you wrote it in an infinite scroll method.
∙ Feel proud as you look at the diary that accumulates day by day.

[Confirm with statistics]

∙ It shows data for a month in statistics.
∙ Check how much breakfast you ate this month and how much snack you ate.

Useful features to increase usability are hidden everywhere!