Maystr Business – erdem cenikli

Maystr Business is a new kind of advertising platform providing on-demand marketing
for your business. Maystr Business helps restaurants, bars & clubs to connect with potential
customers nearby and across the city by allowing them to create custom on-time and on-
demand promotions. Additionally, share stories to help showcase your business and create
brand awareness. All this brings footfall when it is most needed, particularly during the slow
off-peak hours. Whilst traditional forms of advertisement are often costly solutions, Maystr
Business allows you to reach out to relevant customers nearby at no extra charge.

– Pins: Create custom promotions whenever you need directly from your smartphone.
From happy hours to special offers, enjoy complete flexibility in the type of
promotions you create to target customers.
– Stories: Showcase your brand through our stories feature, allowing you to attract
potential customers.
– Analytics: Track which promotions were most successful at drawing in business.
– Location: Our location-based app means your promotions target relevant customers
nearby and across the city.
– Business Profile: Manage and update your business’s information to keep customers
up-to-date and informed.