MATA KTPH – Medisys Innovation Pte Ltd.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a major cause of blindness in our elderly population. It is a common, chronic condition that irreversibly damages the central sensor of the eye (macula) with devastating effects on vision and quality of life.

Raising awareness and early detection of AMD are important preventive measures. Macular Amsler Testing Application (MATA) is an innovative Smart Health Monitoring System developed to educate AMD patients and facilitate early diagnosis of visual abnormalities.

Current ad-hoc community eye screenings and home monitoring with paper Amsler charts are not ideal or sustainable. MATA trains and enables patients to continuously do self-eye monitoring with an Amsler e-chart (Figure 1a) on a smart phone or tablet conveniently.

Its value-add features include:

1. Easy accessibility via downloading MATA from App Store

2. Eye tracking system to ensure that the user holds the phone at the correct testing distance with the correct eye covered for test accuracy.

3. Test guide module with video demonstration of the testing process (step-by-step) to facilitate understanding and practice. The user may repeatedly view it to refine and remember testing technique.

4. Data capturing and measurement system. The user can mark out the distorted area seen on the Amsler e-chart; and a screenshot can be saved directly into the phone’s photo album as a digital image for health record archival or specialist evaluation via tele-health.

5. Reminder notification system to improve patients’ compliance to do eye testing regularly and timely.

6. Patient education module with links to AMD pamphlets and reliable educational websites.