Massage Advantage – Nile Technologies

This application will help the therapist’s and the customer’s to meet on a single platform and fulfil their respective needs . Therapist will be able to list themselves as a service provider and have the ability to manage their calendar and appointments seamlessly. Whereas, for the customers it allows them to choose out of 1000’s of therapists, to book an appointment in few clicks as per their required date and time.

USP Of Massage Advantage

* Highest Rated Massage services app.
* Complete stress management.
* Health wellness.
* Provides flexibility to book.
* Rescheduling and cancellations are no more a matter of concern.

We offer variety of massage services in just one click.
Customer have the luxury to chose the therapist, they believe they Wish.
Ratings and reviews will help you to decide better.

All you need to do is:

1. Download the Massage Advantage App

2. Choose a massage service along with your preferred therapist.

3. Search a location for the service along with your preferred date and time

4. Enjoy the services and don’t forget to share your experience via ratings.

We connect you with 1000’s of qualified, insured and hand-picked practitioners, to serve you