Managed Response – James White

Using Managed Response, employees at participating companies can participate with employers in minimizing disease transmission risk in returning to, working in, and experiencing emergencies in employer facilities. This is provided through several functions: Survey, Schedule, Check In, and Emergency.

Survey provides an employer-tailored questionnaire to evaluate employee readiness to return to work in the facility.
Schedule provides the ability for an employee to indicate to their employer which day(s) they are available for work scheduling. These may change based on family care issues of a medical or childcare nature.
Check In provides an ability to scan tag points throughout the facility to indicate status of cleaning/availability to the employee. It also provides use information to management to help ensure tap areas are cleaned as appropriate.
Emergency provides several options to support evacuation and emergency situations in existing a building.

The app works with the Managed Response administrative tools which are available online through a web-site and also through a separate iPad application.