Manage photos by title – Daishi Nakamura

You can name your photos and save them on your device.
Also, photos are managed for each album folder, so if you use this app, you won’t have time to search for photos.

If you are a student, save the blackboard every day.
If you’re a housewife, you can save information on supermarket sales and children’s school materials.
If you are a company employee, you can manage documents and use it as a to-do list with photos. The usage will be infinite for each person. (As an individual developer, we use temporary information such as construction notices that should be thrown away or saved!)
It’s a simple tool, but it will be the best partner for you who want to leave materials and photos.

[How to use]
1. Create an album.
2.Select the album created in 1
3. Press the camera button to take a photo.
4. Save the photo. You can name it as you like. If you press the “Save” button without entering anything, the shooting date and time will automatically become the photo title.

[Other functions]
Since it has a share button, sharing via LINE, email, AirDrop, etc. is easy.
Of course, the name can be changed or deleted.