Make 10+ – Kiichi Itoh

“Make 10” (10 puzzle) is an arithmetic game to make 10 using 4 numbers and +-×÷.
You can play not only general mode but also easy / advanced mode so you can enjoy this App even if you are a beginner or advanced.

● Difficulty Level
– Easy
Problems solvable with only +-
– Normal
General problems (make 10 with 4 numbers)
– Hard
Problems to make random two-digit numbers with 4 numbers
– Extreme
Problems to make random two-digit numbers with 5 numbers

● Game Mode
– Complete
Solve all of the 552 problems to make 10 with 4 numbers which have correct answers (Can’t select difficulty levels)
– Time Attack
Solve more problems within the time limit
– Endless
Solve more problems consecutively without skipping

● History Function
– Can check equations of your own answers.
– Can save problems as favorites

* Only solvable problems are set.
* You become able to play Hard or Extreme mode if you accumulate points sufficiently.
* Points are added every time you solve a problem except for Easy mode.