Majanx seller – Waleed Al Amri

Majanx Seller app is the best way to manage your recent orders, products, messages in efficient way instead using the web version.
The Majanx Seller app allows you:

• Dashboard that has all the information you need to run your business that shows: Number of today orders, Total revenue, completed transaction, Total Items, and etc…
• Add new products in two simple steps, first step to pick category for your product, upload photos, product title, and description of the product with YouTube video to make your product more attracted, and barcode number for easy search. The second step is selecting the color for the product if any, choosing the size availability if any, setting the product on daily deals, enabling cash on delivery, and managing the shipping procedure.
• Browse your new orders that shows the status of the orders, name and date of the order.
• Managing your products by editing the product details at any time.
• Stay in touch with your customer by instant messaging that make it super easy to answer your customer questions.
• Ability to share the app with your team to have better support for your store
• Available in multiple languages
• Post News to your followed customers to let them about your upcoming sales, events, or any changes.

We highly value your feedback and we’re working hard to provide you with the new updates soon. Please feel free to contact us: