Mahjong School – Benjamin Xu

Mahjong School is a great place to learn how to play Mahjong. Mahjong School is focus on helping you learn Japanese style Mahjong, which is also almost the same as the European style (Riichi) and US style Mahjong. It may be a little different from Chinese, Hong Kong or Taiwan Majiang , but if you succeeded learn the Japanese style, you can easily switch to the other style.
Mahjong School has three ways to help you learn Japanese Mahjong.
1 The offline vs AI 4 player mode.
You can play Mahjong directly with AI. There are several different AIs for different levels. So no matter you are a new comer or an experienced player, you can always have fun here. Since it’s offline, it is quick, and you don’t need to wait any moment to start.

2 The interactive tutorial
You can learn Japanese Mahjong by dialog with Maga characters and practicing at the same time. This style is a mix of Japanese AVG Maga and the game itself, which makes the learning much easier.
There are also tutorial lists all the HAN for you, including an example hand and a description.

3 The Mahjong calculator.
You can click to add tiles to hand or TING, CHOW, PON, CHI to make a winning hand. You can also set various conditions, such as DORA and self-draw. After set completed, the calculator will calculate the hand of FU and point for you, with detailed descriptions such as hand names.

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