Magic English – Harry Nilsson

This is an awareness app designed for infants and toddlers, parent-child early education games, and a deep understanding of them! Various puzzle jigsaw puzzles, shape matching, color matching, math addition and subtraction, early childhood habit cultivation, interest training,
The free child puzzle game necessary for family parenting education enlightenment education, interactive learning, through the physical picture, let the baby learn to recognize things in life earlier, the baby basically understands English letters, numbers, food, vegetables, vehicles, vehicles, Enhance your memory through puzzles and improve your logical thinking.
Colors, shadows, and voices, after learning them, the baby can use it to observe things, familiarize with the world, and discover the connection between things and things. …Enlightenment education from the three aspects of visual and auditory touch, let the baby easily recognize in the game.

And let the baby in the knowledge, easy to master the reading of common words, early experience of their own reading pleasure.