Luxor Subway – karem Abdallah

Dash forward, run fast as you can
Help Kekoo, Jana & Bosy & Roqya & Farida escape from the grumpy Anubis

Avoid upcoming trains and pharaonic roads !

– Avoid trains with your professional team
– Colorful and HD graphics And the amazing Egyptian pharaohs and temples
– powered jetpack Different
– Lightning fast swipe acrobatics Beautiful
– Challenge with your friends
– Join the most beautiful chase with the Pharaonic civilization

This running game is really fun, and it can be the best travel companion during your travel, on a plane or a train, or if you are riding in a car or waiting in a line, whereever and whenever you wisj to have a great time killer buddy at your fingertips, just try playing the game and you won’t have the time to get bored. smart tv app!

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* By Karem Amin