Lucky Klub – enjoy shopping! – Yike Network Co., Ltd.

LuckyKlub is a lucky online shopping app. Upholding crowd funding concepts, we provide a platform that users can just pay 10 Rupee for all kinds of products, and receive them with quick&free shipping. Here you can find category of goods that cover all aspects of daily life, and spend only ₹10 to get the newest smartphones, kitchen supplies, household appliances, and foods. A small investment can make your dreams come true!

1. Small cost with fascinating payoffs: Just invest few rupees to get the shares of your favourite goods, the person who get the goods will be generate among the share pools. Dont worry! The sales will be in rounds continuously, you always have the chance to be the lucky dog!

2. Fair to everyone: Every products in LuckyKlub can be got with only 10rupee be paid. We pay great attention to the fairness. The calculation process will be 100% fair and overt to all.

3. Brand new items: All items on LuckyKlub are purchased directly from the official suppliers and brand dealers. The lucky fellow will receive them whole new with official manufacturer warranty service.

4. Various activities: There are scores of gifts you can get for free.By join this activities, like Quiz, Haggles, Giveaway… , You can obtain shares of any goods and brand new items easily. This activities all can be joined without tries limit.