Lovecast – Wedding Live Stream – Neil Parker

Live stream your wedding is now easier than ever thanks to the Lovecast app. With Lovecast app, you can create your live stream event ahead of time, invite guests, designate a helper to handle your stream, and view your wedding video playback instantly. Now you can bring all your family and friends to your big day, even when they can’t be there physically.

Why Lovecast app?
* Easy workflow at your wedding site
Just have a friend install our app and press the “Start Live” button. No camera rental, special crew, or complex setup are needed.

* Your wedding is streamed and saved with the best quality
Lovecast uses the highest quality audio and video encoding to ensure your wedding is captured at the best quality.

* Watching is instant and easy
Your guests can watch your beautiful wedding on your website on any device with a single click. No need to ask them to download any app.

* HD video recording
No need to wait for months for the videographer to get back to you. Watch your live stream HD recording anytime after the wedding.

* Manage live stream logistics ahead of time
Lovecast lets you designate and track the designation status of the person who will be streaming at your wedding.

Perfect for weddings, city hall weddings, elopements, and anniversaries celebrations.