LoopMi – AntwireTech

“LoopMi is a one-stop gateway to a more engaging and convenient community management experience for every community member. LoopMi offers to take out the hassle involved in communication and access management in communities by providing a centralized and transparent platform for all stakeholders involved. This is achieved through services offering in the areas of:
– Community Organisation: Run a close knit community by having all the tools you need to manage and interact with your community all in the palm of your hand
– Community Wide Communication : Access clutter-free community wide information and be the first to know when this info is put out there.
– Visitor Management: Know who goes in and out of your community at any time; be it a verified visitor or an unplanned guest you approved to see.
– Panic Alerts: Quickly communicate emergencies you have in your personal space with your community authorities coming to your aid at the push of a button.
– Community Polls: Become part of a more agile decision-making community, leveraging polls to more quickly determine the collective pulse on any topic.
– Utility Payment: Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without having the ability to comfortably fulfill your financial obligations towards ensuring that your community runs as it should.”