LookyLoo – Looky Loo Inc

How does it work? Just post selfies, check out new fashion and have fun!
– Just shop as you normally do – online and offine! Nothing new to learn!
– Take a selfie using the LookyLoo app, tag what you’re trying on (brand, type of clothing and for what occasion – super easy!) and let the community of wonderful women like you help you decide!
– Help others in the community decide if they should Hang (Buy / Keep) or Toss (Not buy / Return) what they are trying on. It’s an opportunity to see new clothing on real women like you!

Let Lucy become your own Personal Stylist!
– Just keep shopping, posting and helping others on the LookyLoo app and Lucy will learn more about you!
– Get inspired by Lucy! Every day, Lucy will make the Daily 5 recommendations on what might be a good fit for you based on your body shape, conscious and unconscious interest in clothing based on what you tried on, looked at and voted on with LookyLoo
– Keep giving Lucy feedback on what you Like, Don’t Like. If you like what she recommends, there’s a Shop button to lead you to a purchase
– The more you use LookyLoo, the more better Lucy becomes as your Personal Stylist! She’s a stylist that knows all your conscious and unconscious likes and dislikes through the app and helps make truly personalized recommendations just for you.
– Lucy stays with you on your fashion journey. Unlike other Fashion Stylist companies where stylists come and go (you never can seem to keep the same people), Lucy stays with you and is only focused on your fashion interests.
– As an AI Stylists, Lucy processes more information on your likes and dislikes – conscious and unconscious – than a person can do, ensuring that the more she learns from you the better she is at personalizing just for you.

Clothes for every Size, Shape
– LookyLoo isn’t like Instagram. Our selfies are of real women like you and me – all sizes and shapes of beautiful. Women near and far who are trying on amazing brands with your similar body shape and style interests
– LookyLoo loves friendships, so with it you can share your selfies with your friends via Facebook, Instagram, Text, Email, etc. You can Follow and make new friends with fun fashion styles you like on LookyLoo!

Thank you for the 5-star reviews! Your feedback helps make the app even better. If you have feedback or questions, email us at info@lookyloo.ai