Logistia Route Planner – FESPORE IT SRL

Logistia is a software as a service platform helping businesses optimize logistics operations.

Optimize routes with real-life factors like the number of drivers, vehicle load, lunch breaks, driver working schedule, and tight time windows while you drink your coffee. We know route planning can be overwhelming, but Logistia’s route optimization makes finding the most efficient route simple.

Sell your products on your website and major marketplaces while Logistia will help you keep track of your stocks across all accurately. Logistia helps you track all your products, prices, and stock levels from all platforms.
If it can be moved, bought, or sold, Logistia can track it for and with you.

Logistia is suitable for any business, whether you are an individual or a team looking for an efficient solution for logistics management. You can ease your worries with Logistia.
No special equipment is needed, your existing computer or smartphone is enough and you can run it from anywhere, desktop or mobile.