Little Math – Samuel Souza

The Small Math app has everything a child needs to learn basic math … very interactive and fun your child learns from numbers to large numbers …
Your child learns while having fun.

Know the numbers:
– See how numbers can be used in everyday life
– Know the numbers from 0 to 9
– Activity to find out what number the animal looks like
– Know how to differentiate numbers from other characters such as letters
– Learn to write numbers
– Color the numbers
Learn to count:
– Learn to count to 9 with a very interactive animation
– Learn to count with your fingers
– Activity to drag a certain amount of fruit to the box
– Activity to count how many insects are on the screen
– Know the numbers from 1 to 20
– Know how to differentiate dozens and units
– Learn to count to 100
– Activity to assemble the numbers choosing the ten and the unit
– Drag the tens into the box until it forms the number 100
– Meet the hundreds of 100 to 900
– Hundreds, tens and units
Large numbers:
– Drag the hundreds into the box to form the number 1000
– See the numbers that come before and after 1000
– Know some examples of large numbers
– Drag the hundreds of thousands into the box and form the number 1 million
– “Put the numbers in order and form the number …”
– Enter the requested number into the calculator
Test your knowledge:
– A quiz divided into easy, medium and difficult to see if the child already knows someone’s numbers in full.

– Know the even numbers
– Know the odd numbers
– Drag the numbers into the correct box, to several random numbers, and you will have to divide them into even numbers and odd numbers

– Know the symbols
– Learn the “greater than” symbol and click on the numbers from largest to smallest
– Learn the “less than” symbol and click on the numbers from smallest to largest
– Learn the “equal” symbol
– Drag the plates to complete the correct answer, counting the fruits and finding out if the number is higher, lower or equal
– Drag the plates to the correct places according to the number on them.

– Know the Roman numbers, and what each letter represents
– Learn to count to 15 with Roman numbers
– Learn the tens in Roman numerals
– Learn hundreds in Roman numerals
– Activity to try to find out what the Roman number is
– Activity to form the Roman number from a given number

– Learn to add
– Learn to add with your fingers
– Learn to add by counting objects
– Respond to simple addition operations
– Learn how to add dozens
– Make addition operations vertically
– Learn to add large numbers
– Activity to add large numbers
Addition table
– Learn to subtract
– Learn to subtract with your fingers
– Learn to subtract with fruits
– Respond to simple subtraction operations
– Try to subtract by counting the dots in the classic domino game
– Learn how to subtract dozens
– Activity to know what you learned to subtract
Subtraction table

– Learn to multiply
– Multiplying by 0
– Learn to multiply with a simple activity
– Learn to multiply by counting objects
– Respond to simple multiplication operations
Multiplication table
Learn how to do a split operation
– Learn to divide by 2
– Learn to divide by 3
– Learn to divide by larger numbers
– Activity to find out if you have learned to divide
– Respond to simple split operations

And all this in a single application totally free!
Available in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Polish, Russian and Indonesian.

I’m sure your child will love it!