LinkTalk – Yuxi Liu

This app is a real-time communication solution which brings industry-leading ease-of-use, an unrivaled speed of implementation, and support for deployments of any scale – big or small, it uses the latest version of the Skylink SDK for iOS, demonstrates its use to provide embedded real time communication in the easiest way. Excluding ‘Settings’, this app has 6 distinct view controllers, each of them demonstrating how to build the following features:

One to one video call with Screen Share: One to one video call with screen sharing supported

Multi party video call: Most four participants in a call at this time

Multi party audio call: Unlimited people in an audio call

Chatroom and custom messages: People can send text messages here, public, private, server message, P2P message

File transfer: You can send your local files to the others here

Data transfer: This is for you to send binary data to the others