Lil One – Extramarks Education India Pvt Ltd

Lil One by Extramarks is the perfect first step that your little one can take into the vast world of learning! It introduces the little one and parents to a new universe of fun learning experiences, establishing for them a unique and joyful and creative path to exploration, eventually helping them achieve early childhood developmental milestones.

Built on the concept of Tap-Learn-Play, Lil One uses the best of technology and pedagogy to engage, educate and entertain children below 7 years of age. It offers a game-based platform of learning activities to develop brainpower and creative abilities in children. The app offers interactive experiences in the form of Learn-Practice modules with personalized journeys to develop necessary traits, achieve milestones and offer real-time progress report.

The app offers a first of its kind Chhota Bheem edition with children’s favourite characters integrated into the learning modules. The characters are a part of exciting activities that tickle thinking cells in the child, triggering curiosity and problem solving skills.

Key features:
-Learning based on Chhota Bheem and other characters, including Chutki, Raju, Indumati, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu-Bholu and Tun Tun Mousi.
-Unique Extramarks characters like Alex, Carol, Sillyfoot and Doughnut.
-A range of avatars for children to choose from.
-Personalized learning journeys which hand-hold children through different learning domains.
-A vast repository of animated videos, games, interactive stories, rhymes, chants, music, and more.
-Episodic introduction to topics.
-Gamified learning and practice modules.
-Toy Room and reward scheme for achieving key milestones.
-Exclusive Parents Zone through which parents can regulate, monitor and tack child’s engagement on the app.
-Library Mode to see the content which the child is visiting over and over again.
-Option to add upto 3 children within the same app.

The app offers content specially crafted for the young minds, helping develop:
-Visual Focus
-Listening Skills
-Creative Thinking
Our learning process prepares the child to achieve the essential developmental milestones required for a beginner. These include –
-Cognitive and Memory Skills
-Fine Motor and Sensory Skills
-Language and Communication Skills
-Numeracy Skills
-Environment Skills
-Creative and Problem Solving Skills
-Social and Emotional Skills
The Lil One App has 7 learning zones that offer thrilling personalized journeys.
-Alphabet World – It has various interactive activities that involve recognizing letters, hearing their sounds, learning their shape and observing objects that start with them.
-Hindi ki Duniya – It introduces Hindi Varnamala and letter-tracing, housing letters under Swar and Vyanjan.
-Explore the World – It has a vast reservoir of highly creative lessons and activities which give an early introduction to environmental studies. The zone houses enjoyable themes of Animal Kingdom, Colour Splash, Vegetable Carnival, Fruit Mania, Super Shapes and Know Your Body.
-Number Nook – It introduces numbers, tracing, counting and memorizing in a fun manner. The interesting activities help in building a solid foundation for future studies.
-Fun with Phonetics – This zone explores the way each letter sounds. It not only offers phonic sounds, but also builds complete recognition of all elements associated with a letter.
-Music Mania – It lets a child explore various instruments like piano and drums. The child can follow instructions and play beats of a rhyme on their favourite instrument, or simply go karaoke!
-Rhyme Time and Story Hour – They offer an ocean of English and Hindi rhymes and stories, some of which are interactive too. Try tapping when the app prompts you to!