LifeDox – Rafi Moshe

LifeDox coaches you through a set of important questions to uncover the interesting stories of your life. Your video coach walks you through the chapters of your life, layers your stories with photos, background music, and video effects to turn your life story into a professionally produced documentary that you can share with your close family and friends.

Tap to Tell Your Story:
* Listen to your video coach’s question
* Tap to record your answer
* Add photos
* Snap a photo from an old album.
* Create your video documentary

LifeDox benefits:
* Reconnect with your past – Telling your story in private and at your own pace will allow you to reflect on your experiences and remember long-forgotten events
* Gain a deeper understanding through telling your story – through telling your story and reflecting on your coach’s questions, you will gain a deeper insight into the context of your life experiences, your relationships, and your life’s lessons
* Deepen your connection with family and friends – The resulting LifeDox video could be one of the most memorable things you share with your family and friends giving them an opportunity to get to know you and what you have gone through and a much deeper way.
* Leave a legacy – A LifeDox documentary will allow the next generations to get to know you and gives you an opportunity to impart some of your life lessons and blessings to the ones that follow you.