Level Up – Idle + Merge RPG – Enmany

The adventure of the boy who left the road to get the best sword!

Strengthen your weapons to overpower the constantly attacking monsters.

The various armor and helmets of the shop will help you with your adventure.


– Dungeons are automatically progressed from level 1 to level 10

– The dungeon is divided into 4 layers, and the 4th floor is activated when the dungeon level reaches 10

– As the floor increases, the enemy’s physical strength and attack power increase, and the gold that is given as a reward for the suppression is raised.

– Boss can be transferred from the 4th floor, which is activated when level 10 is reached.


– All purchase available with the gold earned in dungeons

– Purchased weapons can merge with same level weaponl.

– The weapon’s attack power increases as the level rises


– Armor and helmets can be purchased in store in the lobby

– Armor assists stamina by wearing.

– Helmet Increases the probability of max. attack in the case of pitching.

[Slot Machine]

– Slot machines can be used in dungeons

– If you select a fixed amount of time, you get a lot of gold depending on the slot matching result.