LetsNote – Giovanni Gaspard

LetsNote provides a way for users to get their thoughts down quickly.
Keep it quick and concise allows for easy retrieval.

This application is for everyone, it allows user to jot down their thoughts and give the ability to share what they think as well.

With LetsNote you can:
* Take quick notes using a quick pop up form
* You can attach the note with a specific date you want the note to be completed by
* You are able to designate a level of priority for the note
* You are able to edit notes previously written down
* If the note is meant to be shared, the users are able to tap the note to text or email the note.
* The user’s notes can be sorted by priority and by direction (Ascending/Descending)
* When the note is completed you are able to view it in the completed section
* Each completed note in the completed section can be shared