Lets Meet CLT – Erin Franckewitz

We had a problem. When looking for something to do on a Saturday night with friends, such as find the best Greek restaurant, figure out who has half priced wine, and where are the Thursday drink specials, we had to visit three different websites and navigate through a sea of crazy advertisements!

We were also small business owners who were frustrated with inaccurate or outdated listings of our location. We wanted a one-stop online directory that was simple for the user and accessible to us in an instant. With a small budget, we didn’t want to be buried on page 12, we wanted an affordable solution that would promote us to our target audience.

So, we created an online community dedicated to sharing and promoting all things Charlotte that was EASY for business owners to participate in and EASY for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Looking for great food and drink specials? Need to know where to take the kids this weekend? Looking for the best date spot?

This is a community that is equally friendly to business owners and Charlotteans looking to get out and navigate all the Queen City has to offer.

You have arrived, now Let’s Meet CLT! The only comprehensive searchable lifestyle and social guide in Charlotte, NC for restaurants, family friendly activities, events, nightlife and much more!