Legend Of Glory: Valor – Quan Hui Technologies Pte Ltd

Legend of Glory: Valor, an Eastern Myth themed RPG Card Game. Create the best team and venture into the journey Gods. Abundant gameplay to be experienced with massive guild wars, challenging PVP, job changing whenever you want!

Game Features
1. A hero is born in this chaotic world
A story based on Eastern myth, summon heroes and begin the Road to Glory!
Build your best team by Leveling up skills, Enhancing Equipment, Awakening Artifacts, Embedding Gems.

2. Stunning Graphic & Art
Stunning skills, Adorable pets, Various costumes to choose from, professional crew of 3D designer push the limits by offering the best graphic for your gaming experience!

3. Summon warriors and form the pact between heroes
Collect various heroes with different occupation, unleash the power within, form the most formidable team
Limited time summonning on SSS grade Heroes
The oath of fate is the key to victory!

4. Form your most unyielding team
Swordsman – Victory is the only word.
Sorcerer – The Unbreakable
Walker – Lethal and Deadly
Marksman – Nothing is a miss

5. Battle of the Guilds
Plan your strategy,Gather your Allies,Explore the Uncharted
Greatest Battle between the Heroes

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