Learn2020 Network – Places App, Inc

What if online learning could be Better, Simpler and Cheaper than going to school? Learn2020 is the collaborative learning school you always wanted to attend: a complex adaptive system for learning.

Online. Asynchronous. Personal. Collaborative. Cell-based. Immersive.

Learn2020 is Social first. Mobile second. Content third.

Well you now how most people say that you learn best by doing?

Well, it’s not quite completely true. There are different types of doing when it comes to learning. The best learning comes through creating. Collaboratively. Learning together through creating solutions to problems.

Learn2020 was born in 2020, in response to a pandemic which caused many countries to close their schools. It had been planned for some time, but the global lockdown accelerated the process.

A full-stack remote school with the world-class teachers, world-leading learning techniques and neuroscience-informed, evidence-based learning technologies.

Teachers x Techniques x Technology. T3 for short. Because it’s easy to remember.

The Learn2020 app is a full-stack remote school, focusing on the international high-school STEM curriculum (ages 14-19) and includes the following:

Live Masterclasses

Step by Step worked solutions as PDFs

Step by Step worked solution videos

Asynchronous mentoring

Shared whiteboards for group collaboration.

2020 vision means perfect vision. 20/20 in each eye. Fighter pilot vision.
Learn2020 extends the metaphor to ‘Learning with a perfectly clear vision: the vision of the future that’s coming’